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Hole Problems And Stuck Pipe Prevention

Saad Saleh, Ph.D.
Descripción del instructor

Dr. Saleh holds a Ph.D. and MS degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He has over 20 years of professional drilling experience in industry and 6 years in academia. Dr. Saleh is a specialist in real time geopressure, wellbore stability, and drilling analysis. Dr. Saleh is highly experienced in drilling technology frontiers (HPHT deepwater, sub salt drilling to name few) in many parts of the world including Latin America, Gulf Coast, North Sea, Canadian Shelf, and the Far East. Over a decade, Dr. Saleh has been involved in training and mentoring drilling engineers and drilling operation personnel on geopressures prediction, wellbore stability analysis, drilling fluid solids control, and drilling fluids optimization. Currently, Dr. Saleh is the President of Drill-Sense International, a consulting firm which specializes in advancing real time drilling technologies, training in all aspects of Petroleum Engineering with emphasis on drilling training, as well as providing expert advice to the global drilling industry on drilling diagnostics, optimization, well planning, and real time drilling surveillance. Dr. Saleh is serving as a Global Advisor for Knowledge Systems in Houston as well as other service providers and operators. Dr. Saleh literally wrote the book for drilling best practices in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico subsalt wells, best practices for geopressure predictions in deepwater for many parts of the world including the Gulf of Mexico, Nile Delta, and others. At the present time, Dr. Saleh is heavily involved in. Recently, Dr. Saleh was a Senior Drilling Fluid Specialist with Saudi Aramco (from 2005 to2007). Dr. Saleh championed the introduction of the Saudi Aramco’s Real Time Drilling Operation Center (RTOC), drilling rate optimizations and other strategic projects. Prior to Aramco, Dr. Saleh was the Principal Geopressure advisor/consultant for Knowledge Systems (6 years from 2000 to 2005) in Houston, Texas. With over 2000 wells analyzed worldwide, Dr. Saleh has gained extensive experience in the field of geopressure and wellbore stability analysis which covered Latin America, U.S. Gulf Coast, East Canadian Shelf, North Sea, and the Mediterranean Nile Delta. During his tenure with Knowledge Systems, he has served as the Knowledge Systems’ project manager, a wellsite geopressure/wellbore stability Consultant, a Trainer, and a specialist to audit internal drilling work processes with special focus on geopressure and geomechanics aspects. Prior to joining Knowledge Systems, Dr. Saleh served as Drilling Advisor for PDVSA-Intevep (3.5 years from 1997 to 2000), Assistant Professor at the Colorado School of Mines (4 years from 1994 to 1997) and the University of Alaska (2 years from 1988 to 1990), and a Senior Drilling Engineer for BP Exploration in Alaska (4 years from 1990 to 1994) and Northern Petroleum (2 years from 1977 to 1979). In his career, Dr. Saleh has worked as a Drilling Engineer, Special Projects Engineer, ProjectLeader, Assistant Professor, Drilling Technology Advisor and Mentor. Dr. Saleh worked in drilling operations/rig supervision, well planning for deepwater HPHT wells, rig site and real-time advisor for drilling extremely difficult wells (subsalt), well productivity enhancement, andpioneered new technologies in bits for hard drilling, cementing in horizontal and highly deviated wells, drilling vibration minimization, foam diversion, foam application for production systems, and advanced enhanced oil recovery concepts. Dr. Saleh worked as an advisor to the United States Sandia National Laboratory to develop models for buckling of tubular, minimize water hammering effects, casing failure under salt loading, and other drilling problems. In addition, Dr. Saleh served as a Drilling Editor for the SPE Drilling Magazine. Dr. Saleh developed from scratch several state-of-the-art research laboratories for foam, formation damage, flow loop, and gas well testing simulator. Dr. Saleh has written several technical manuals for academic and industry teaching and published over 24 papers in drilling, formation damage, production, and reservoir engineering.


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When you get stuck, your first action must be correct and swift. Otherwise your chances to free up your string will diminish exponentially with every passing minute. This course will be all about prevention rather than cure. It will teach the complete process of detection, diagnostics, and resolution in a methodical way. The student will be working in teams to analyze real field cases and present their solution. The course will address advanced topics in hole problems such as depleted sands, supra and subsalt gouge zones, fractured rocks, salt problems, and HPHT drilling windows. In addition, the student will learn how to perform the math required for diagnosing and resolving these problems. All 25 plus causes of stuck pipe will be addressed, what causes each, how to identify them, what immediate action can be taken. The Course shows the role of each member of the rig team in the chain to facilitate proactive early diagnosis. This course is set a part from other traditional courses by its extensive use of integrated approach of data analysis and clever use of drilling trends and cuttings analysis.


With your data, the course can be customized, and past stuck pipe incidents can be utilized in the course. Our experience indicate that customized courses to address regional hole problems is far more beneficial to the operators.



This course is designed to address preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of stuck pipe or at least minimize its frequency. The full spectrum of monitoring, diagnosis, and resolution will be addressed. The student will leave this course fully mindful of the importance of adhering to best practices in all aspects of the well construction process.



Anyone who is connected with well construction from the planning phase to post mortem including drillers, tool pushers, drilling engineers, geologists, crew members, and service personnel.



The course will be delivered using a mixture of power point presentation and heavy class participation (almost 70% hands on practical and discussions).






  •  Well planning from pre drill to post mortem
  •  Wellbore stability
  •  Drilling fluid
  •  Solids content of a drilling fluid
  •  Drilling fluid properties trends
  •  Real time trends
  •  Drilling type curve analysis
  •  Review of sticking mechanisms


  •  Causes
  •  Warning signs
  •  Sticking force
  •  Immediate action
  •  Prevention
  •  Class problems


  •  Hole pack off
  •  Wellbore geometry related sticking
  •  Mobile formation
  •  Bit balling
  •  Group exercises


  •  Steps to be taken prior to fishing
  •  Free point
  •  Zero tension at stuck point
  •  Parting the stuck pipe
  •  Backing off
  •  Fishing and milling tools
  •  Fishing economics
  •  Group exercises

Day 5: Advanced Topics in Suck Pipe

  •  Tracking stuck pipe probability while drilling
  •  Stuck pipe in deviated wells
  •  Stickiness’ factor
  •  Liner sticking
  •  Communication and personnel morals
  •  Stuck pipe knowledge base
  •  Final exam

Soluciones Efectivas de Capacitación

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